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Teach Them Young by Shannon Kalahan

Teach Them Young by Shannon Kalahan
In this article, Shannon Kalahan interviews Journé Germain about how landscape photography has allowed him to build a unique and creative bond with his young and talented son, Kailen.

Why do we get into landscape photography? A lot of reasons, probably. For some, it’s a business. For others, photography is a creative outlet or hobby. The pessimistic among us may point fingers, saying the new generation just wants notoriety or validation. Conversely, the silver-lining sort might talk about art as a form of expression or therapy. No matter what type of landscape photographer you are, though, I’d wager that we all have one thing in common. Spending time in nature just feels right. Why else would we hike nine miles to see the sunrise over some mountains? Or slog through incessant mosquito attacks? Or freeze under a winter sky to catch a glimpse of the aurora?

For photographer Journé Germain, landscape photography is something more. It goes beyond just a love of the outdoors. Landscape photography - and the time spent in nature doing it - provides an opportunity to bond with his son, whose photo compositions have inspired several of Journé’s own images.

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