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Return to Death Valley

Return to Death Valley
In this article, Lori Ryerson relates her long-awaited photo trip to Death Valley at the back end of 2021. Despite pandemic related cancellations and ongoing travel difficulties, she finally made her return to this landscape photography location that she discovered a passion for in back 2015.

In 2019, I made a promise to myself to return to Death Valley after a 5-year absence. I was booked into a workshop with Guy Tal and Michael E. Gordon for early December 2020. Spoiler alert: we all know how that went.

Taking a chance on the new vaccine window of opportunity (and a seat sale), I booked my flight in the late summer for December 2021. It was so weird; it felt like I forgot how to plan trips. All the websites looked different, everything had changed. And there was a boatload of paperwork to fill in and tests to be booked. I was a good girl, I got my vaccines, I even got my booster. I really, really wanted to cross the border.

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