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On the Philosophy of Landscape Photography

On the Philosophy of Landscape Photography
This is a philosophy of art essay by Roberto Roberti focusing on the influence of the Japanese concept of yugen and the European romantic concept of sublime on black & white landscape photography.

My journey is different from other photographers. For me, landscape photography is linked to my love for painting and graphic arts.

Some critics believe that photography is inferior to other arts such as painting, cinema, literature, or even design. They look down on the infinite reproducibility of photographic printing as compared to the uniqueness of the pictorial canvas, or the modest economic and social success obtained by photographers compared to movie stars. In response, fans of photography denounce the comparisons, saying it is its own art form and should be treated as such. These lines of logic are, in my opinion, sterile. Both will lead to re-proposed stereotypes, not artists developing their own style or message.

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