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Mane Silentium by Henk Goossens

Mane Silentium by Henk Goossens
After a successful career as a professional travel photographer, Henk Goossens now enjoys shooting and writing about landscape photography and has a penchant for the Olympus OM camera system. 

Mane Silentium. Latin for morning silence, what does this mean to me? I'll explain.

Fortunately, there are extensive forests in my area. Nature is allowed to run its course here. Various hiking trails have been set out in the area as well as so-called quiet areas.

The area where I mainly visit is 15 km from my house and easy to reach with my bike. To the south of the Brabant cities of Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal lies the town of Kalmthout. There you will find the beautiful extensive heathland of Kalmthoutse Heide, a border park which is partly in The Netherlands, partly in Belgium. This special nature reserve consists of heathland, fens, sand drifts and pine forest and has a size of almost 6,000 hectares (60 km²). Highly recommended for those who want to walk in a magically beautiful place in Brabant!

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