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You might be wondering why there's no salesy promotion here on this page.

Truthfully, it's because I don't have a fancy $197 or $397 course I'm trying to sell you.

In fact...

I'm probably the world's worst salesman. My thing has always been to motivate and inspire!

Because that's the 1 thing that'll kickstart your landscape photography journey and get you the result you desire... the experience to consistently take stunning landscape photographs that will wow your friends and family!

Some folk spend years trying to learn everything themselves through trial and error...

Others invest in a course or workshop to help boost the learning process...

The truth is that your success is not dependant on 'the information' you obtain or which method you follow.

It's about taking action, learning by doing, gaining experience and becoming a more skillful photographer... One piece of useful information or method at a time.

So I don't have a course on offer here.

I'm an affiliate marketer. Meaning, I provide free inspirational and motivational content, and occasionally, I'll recommend a valuable educational course such as foundational landscape photography or landscape photography editing.

If you follow my recommendations and purchase, I earn a commission and that's how I get 'rewarded' for making this content.

And it's also why I'm able to give away content for free that others charge for.

I earn income by inspiring and helping people take action!

Which is great because when you take action, you are getting closer and closer to creating the landscape photographs you've always dreamed of!

Last note, here.

If the camera tech and methods behind producing stunning landscape images intimidates you... There is one fully-comprehensive landscape photography course that I recommend, Here!

Equally, if it is editing your images that gives you sleepless nights... I recommend this course that focuses specifically on landscape photography editing in Adobe Lightroom.

These courses will provide you with all the foundational knowledge you need to kickstart your landscape photography journey.

I personally have taken both of these courses and refer back to them on a regualr basis!


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