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Letting Go

Turning Photographs Into Art - Part 1

This is the first essay in a new series focused on turning photographs into art. My previous series focused on collecting art. This new series focuses on creating art from photographs. Not all those who collect create and not all those who create collect. However, there is a connection between the two. Creating means, among other things, admiring the work of other artists which in turn often leads to collecting their work in one form or another, be it books, reproductions or originals.

This series focuses on my definition and my approach to turning photographs into art. For me art is being different, innovative and focused on aesthetics. The motivating factor behind this series is that creating work that is different is important now that photography has become a global medium and that thousands, if not tens of thousands, are embracing this medium every day. Being different means being you and creating work that is yours, not work that is the copy of someone else’s work. Saying this is easy. Doing it is difficult. The goal of this series is to help you along in this endeavor.

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