International Landscape Photography Excellence

A screenshot of the winning portfolio fom the 2021 Landscape Photographer of the Year competition

Now in its eighth year, the International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition reportedly attracted 4500+ entries in 2021. Notwithstanding the impressive prize pool totalling $18k, it is the consistently high level of submissions and the prestige associated with the competition that draws such interest year on year.

This year, landscape photographer Aytek Cetin of Turkey took first place for his 4 image series of the unique Cappadocia landscape with Max Rive of the Netherlands and Andrea Zappia of Italy in second and third places respectively.

The single image International Landscape Photograph of the Year award went to Tanmay Sapkal of the United States for his photo of Mount Tamalpais, near San Francisco. Cédric Tamani from Switzerland and Ben Goode from Australia took second and third places.

Check out this video from Talking Landscape Photography for an expert analysis of the winning entries and interview with Chairman of the Judges, Peter Eastway:

Check out the International Landscape of the Year website to view the winning images of this and previous years, for more details about the competition and how you can enter:

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