Creek Photography

Creek Photography
Originating from Wisconsin, Reid Northrup retired after 35 years of working for a Fortune 50 company to pursue his love of photography. This led to him moving from the flatlands of the mid-west to the landscape photographer's paradise of North Carolina. While both the Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountain National Park are within close proximity, it is the 1000 plus waterfalls and creeks that have become the central focus of his portfolio. Reid is a regular at Light & Landscape, contrbuting both articles and compelling social media posts in our Facebook Group. Below is a collection of his most recent work, shot after an extended hiatus from photography forced by the pandemic. Enjoy!

Took a friend hiking to Virgina Hawkins Falls yesterday. With recent rains the flow was the best I've seen in awhile. That also made the rocks downstream all very slippery. This place always reminds me of a more tropical location. Truly special.

Here is a different composition taken Friday at Virginia Hawkins Falls. I didn't have a lot of time to photograph all the varied compositions as rain was forecasted and I didn't want to hike 1.3 miles in it. I'm happy with the images I took though. More on the way.

Visited a new waterfall today. Since it's on private property I won't provide the name or location....sorry. It is a beauty to be sure.

During my recent to NE Georgia, the last stop of our five waterfall day was Raper Creek Falls. The water was flowing pretty well. To get a frontal view, you had to get into the stream, which was a bit high. We didn't have boots and didn't feel like having soaked boots during our 2.5 hr ride home.

This waterfall can be a bit challenging to find the first time but there is a small pullout large enough for two cars. The hike is very short, maybe a tenth of a mile if that. But the last half is steep and always seems to be very muddy. Be careful at the bottom as it's very slippery and muddy. During my next visit this fall I'll have to remember my boots.

Took another ride up the Blue Ridge Parkway to photograph the blooming rhododendrons. Stopped at Craggy Pinnacle trail to take a look at the often photographed craggy tree. This was a very difficult photo to get. Too many people on a Saturday. I was balancing amongst a hill tangled in branches. Holding one leg of my tripod to get it level a foot over my head using a remote shutter release to snap the shot. Took a few attempts and this was my best result.

I ran across this photo of Riley Moore Falls today. Guess I never worked on any of them. Since this was taken during the winter I thought black and white might work. Riley Moore Falls is located near Westminster. SC. It's about a 2 mile hike roundtrip. It's downhill going there and a bit of a workout getting back up and out. Well worth the hike though.

Hitting the peak rhododendrons bloom on the Blue Ridge Parkway is always special.

Sam's Branch Falls in western North Carolina is always a nice waterfall to visit. We hit this one a couple of weeks ago. Flow was a bit down but it actually gave more character to the main drop.

This photo was from two weeks ago when my wife and I spent a nice day up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was a really nice day as you can see here. The blooms this year on the Parkway were the best in several years. I was thrilled to get up there during the rhododendrons peak bloom.

I'm thinking about heading to Avery Creek Falls tomorrow but not sure if the water flow will be decent. This is a photo of the falls the last time I was there in 2018. Hoping for this type of flow.

A different composition from my recent visit to Avery Creek Falls.

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