We respect your privacy and take the protetion of your data very seriously.

We acknowledge that we should only collect and process your data when neccessary and that we have a duty by law to protect your information.

We will never distribute or make public your personal information (for commercial gain or otherwise).

The website (lightandlandscape.co) and app (Light & Landscape Digital Photography Magazine) both collect and use personal data.

Here is a breakdown of the various types of information/data collected, the reasons for their collection and how they are used:

Visitation Tracking

Both the website and app use Google Analytics to track user volume, interaction and frequency. We use this data to better understand our customer needs. The data collected by Google Analytics in no way personally identifies to us. Google Analytics, in relation to us, is a third party data processor. Google Analytics uses cookies. You can disable cookies on your web browser to stop Google Analytics from tracking your visit to our website.


If you sign up to our members only area of the website (Light & Landscape Academy) we will receive information in the form of your name and email address. We will then assign you a password in order that you can sign in to the members area. You can change this password to something more memorable to you or retain the one we assign. Either way, we will also have access to this password. (You should ensure the password is unique to this website). The reason we collect and store this information is to manage your access to the members only area. The information is saved within our website database which is hosted by Netbloo Media Ltd. In relation to us, Netbloo Media Ltd is a third party processor. Your information will remain in our database until such a time as we see fit to remove it or you cancel your membership.

As the members only area is a paid service, you will be charged monthly via Paypal. Paypal will hold the neccessary information you have provided them with in order that they can facilitate payment. In relation to us, Paypal are a third party data processor. As paypal are taking payment on behalf of ourselves, we can see the name and email address information that Paypal hold for you (it will match your log in information for the website). We use this information to ensure that your payments are up to date. However, we are not privy to your chosen payment method, payment details or further Paypal information.

Contact Form

If you contact us using the contact form on our contact page, none of the data/info will be stored by us or passed to/processed by a third party. The information will collated into an email and sent to us via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Our SMTP servers are provided by Namecheap.

Email Newsletter

If you sign up for our email newsletter and occasional promotional emails, the email address that you submit will be forwarded to Mailchimp. We use Mailchimp to collect email address details. Your email will then be transferred to Sendgrid. We use Sendgrid to send bulk email, whether newsletters or promotional. In relation to us, both Mailchimp and Sendgrid are third party processors. Your email will not be stored within our own computer systems.

Until such a time as you unsubscribe or we remove your email address from our list, you will receive periodic newsletter and promotional type emails and your email address will remain on Sendgrid's database (for as long as we continue to use their services).

If you would like your email address removed from our database, simply click the unsubscribe button in any of our emails or email us, using the the email address that you have registered with us, to explicitly request removal.

Email Correspondence

We use Google Gmail to receive and store any email sent to [email protected] or [email protected] In relation to us, Google Gmail are a third party data processor. We archive and retain all email correspondence until such a time as we see fit to delete it or you ask us to delete it. All correspondence will remain strictly private unless permission is granted otherwise.

Digital Magazine App

Light & Landscape Digital Photography Magazine is a monthly digital magazine published on iOS through the Apple App Store. The basic magazine subscription is free of charge. However, in the case of our paid "Special" issues, Apple handles all transation data and are considered a third party processors in relation to us. Should you use any of the opt in forms within the magazine, your data will be handled as per our Email Newsletter policy.

Website Servers

This website is hosted by Netbloo Media Ltd. The website is delivered over HTTP.

Our third party data processors

We use the following third parties to process personal data on our behalf.

Google (Privacy Policy)
Sendgrid (Privacy Policy)
Mailchimp (Privacy Policy)
Namecheap (Privacy Policy)
Apple (Privacy Policy)

Data Breaches

In the case of any unlawful data breaches this website’s database or the database(s) or of any of our third party data processors, we will report said breach to the authorities within 48 hours if personal data has been stolen.

Data Controller

Matthew Reid
[email protected]

Data Protection Officer

Matthew Reid
[email protected]

Privacy Policy Changes

From time to time we may update our privacy policy. We recommend that all users regularly check this page for any updates as explicit notification will not be given.